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Managed Services and Outsourcing

Comprehensive Managed Services Extends Your Resources and Global Reach


Efficient Managed Services Will Expand Your Resources and Extend Global Reach

Every day, companies depend on uninterrupted IT operations and strategic initiatives for competitiveness. However, merely maintaining operations will not motivate business growth and opportunities, thus keeping your enterprise at a safe yet dormant level. Are you looking for change? With NEC Managed Services, we can help.

We Can Help

Our worldwide Managed Services Team adopts a common, proven deployment methodology. NEC Global Delivery Methodology and its processes enable our Managed Services Team to continually deliver service excellence to all our global customers. Our total solutions put you in control, empowering you to seamless integrate your operations, increase global visibility and ultimately grow your business worldwide.


Managed Services

A solid IT infrastructure is the first step to generating efficient growth for your business. NEC’s managed services provide a trusty backing for your IT infrastructure, delivering innovation through cutting edge technology that is proficient in problem solving, thus developing strong motivators for your business to thrive.

End-user Computing Services

Rest easy. NEC End User Computing services aim to provide optimized service to support your end-users in their enterprise IT computing needs. A distributed environment coupled with ever increasing demands for higher user productivity and lower costs is driving the business towards outsourcing this service. This is when NEC steps in to lend you a hand.

a. Service Desk

Service Desk services aim at delivering Level 1 IT support to customers and authorized users through an efficient Service Desk team manned by NEC staff – this Single Point of Contact ensures accountability and follow-through for incident management and service requests. Your needs are our priority. We conduct stringent monitoring on the progress of every incident, ensuring that the relevant tier supports are informed and roped in to help your case reach resolution. By maintaining single point of ownership, Service Desk services make communication easy. Leave your case in our trusty hands.

b. Remote Control

Dispatching a technician on-site is the most convenient but not necessary the most effective model for resolving an end user issue. Through NEC ‘virtual hands’ remote control technology, our customers found an effective just-in-time tool that can remotely resolve most problems during the first phone call to our Service Desk. We help to ‘take control’ of the situation – all this while saving money for you by reducing on-site visits, reducing end user downtime and even training users by guiding them to perform simple task while they are on-line. Saving time and increasing productivity, you can now have the best of both worlds!

c. Desktop Support Service

NEC has designed Desktop Management Services especially for you, keeping in mind the intricacies that enable systems to work efficiently to produce best results. These services – Onsite Support, IMAC, Desktop Antivirus Management, Standard Operating Image, Asset Management and Discovery - protect you from spontaneous virus outbreaks, save you precious working hours by assisting you in maintenance of your hardware and operating systems and provide you with engineering support whenever you require it. And these are only a few, out of the many other benefits that they can bring to you.

Data Centre Managed Services

To manage a data centre that is both efficient and effective is no mean feat. We understand. The epicentre of computer systems and associated parts, the data centre is the heart of any corporation – propelling the company’s technical core along the path of success.

How NEC Data Centre operation team can contribute towards the continuous uptime of your data centre infrastructure.

a. Performance & Fault Monitoring

Our dedicated team caters to your needs with a 24/7 round-the-clock monitoring system, which provides for the polling, detection and notification of predefined events from your server or network environment. Through proactive identification of potential problems, our system is able to weed out the abnormal values and subsequently notify the appropriate support specialist for that event to resolve the problem accordingly.

b. Server and Storage Management

Are you constantly worried over your system performance? Do you ever wonder what might be going wrong within your operating system? Through administering services that provide you with a secured and protected server or system environment, NEC is able to regularly collect and analyze security data to identify, isolate and notify you of potential security risks. Our team is here to help you to manage the health and performance of your Operating System, using trending analysis to isolate the root cause of incidents and subsequently recommend corrective action.

c. Database Management

Having a well-maintained database is important for any company to function effectively. Some of NEC’s database administration activities include performing database software troubleshooting and coordinating database rectification works with software vendors, performing database configuration and maintenance and optimization of databases for desired performance.

d. Middleware Management

Application middleware play a critical supporting role to your business applications. Our specialists provide support services for IBM middleware applications (Tivoli, WebSphere, Infosphere and Filenet) ensuring that your business continues running without interruption.

e. Network Management

Managing network infrastructure requires close scrutiny and good foresight of the network’s health, compliance status and configuration profile, based on a company’s network and security policy. NEC can achieve all of these and more for you – our team will work with you to mutually agree on the appropriate policies and guidelines, ensuring the necessary change approval from you are in place before making any device configuration changes. Our systems and processes enhance your security and keep your network up and running.