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Collaborative Classroom

Intelligent Projection System

Intelligent projection system can project teaching materials, student assignments or ideas of group discussions on any wall in the classroom and instantly transform the surface into an interactive whiteboard.

Collaborative Classroom solutions works magic when it comes to enhancing teaching and learning experiences:

Projectors and LCD Monitors are indispensable equipment to create an effective interactive classroom environment.

Wireless Projectors allow the class to be conducted at a single location accessible by multiple sites in the campus. NEC offers a complete range of desktop and laptop computers for teachers, students and staff for different purposes. Be it a powerful mobile teaching workstation, a gaming machine, a movie player, or a simple laptop for managing homework, NEC provides the ultimate solution.

Virtual PC Center (VPCC) is NEC's solution to virtual PC type thin client system which saved teachers hours of administrative work, enhanced security in the client environment and ensured smooth transmission of video.

Wireless LAN supports wireless voice and data devices with accessibility anywhere on campus. NEC's site survey and design services assure optimal WLAN implementation.