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  1. NEC Asia launches ten projectors with future-proof eco features and outstanding TCO

NEC Asia launches ten projectors with future-proof eco features and outstanding TCO

NEC Asia launches ten projectors with future-proof eco features and outstanding TCO

Portable Projector
Ultra Focal Projector

Singapore, 8 October 2009 - NEC Asia, announced today the launch of 10 portable projectors - NP305, NP310, NP405, NP410, NP410W, NP510, NP510W, NP510WS, NP610, NP610S projectors, successors to the previous-generation of NP Portable Series. These new products are equipped with a rich set of green features that aim to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) and are targeted for education and corporate users.

With up to 5000 hours of lamp life, NEC’s NP Portable Series projectors benefit from extended lifecycles. The projectors' new filter requires less maintenance and allows up to three times the existing filter life.

Additionally, their carbon savings meter calculates the positive effects of operating in ECO Mode, which is encouraged by an optional message upon the units' startup. The remote control includes an ECO Mode button, making the switch between settings easy for any user. The quick start (3 to 4 seconds) and immediate power off functions (no cooling after shut-down) ensure efficient energy usage. Various timer functions can help to assure that the projectors only run when they are actually in use. The power consumption in Eco and High Brightness Mode has been reduced significantly. In stand-by mode the projectors only consume 0.7W.

Apart from the improved technical features, usability plays a vital role. NEC’s Virtual Remote Software allows control of the projector directly from the computer via the VGA cable just like with a real remote control. This is particularly useful in the education area where projectors are ceiling mounted and remote controls happen to get displaced. The integrated LAN connectivity (not applicable for NP305 and NP405) makes it possible to centrally control and monitor multiple projectors.

“By including new features in the next generation NP Portable Series, we're able to increase the usability for our customers and enhance their cost savings,” said Vincent Koh, Vice President, Multimedia Business Unit at NEC Asia. “These new projectors offer improved total cost of ownership with a variety of eco-conscious technologies, as they were created with the environment in mind. Business and education users will favor those advanced features, not only for their long-term impact but also for their functionality in the present.”

A partial list of features of the NP Portable Series includes:

  • Native resolution of 1024x768 XGA for NP305/405/310/410/510/610S and 1280 x 800 WXGA for NP410W/510W/510WS
  • Contrast ratio of 2000:1 for NP310/410, 600:1 for NP610S/NP510WS, 450:1 for NP410W and 500:1 for NP305/NP405/NP510/510W/NP610
  • Up to 3500 lumens
  • Maximum Power consumption of only 294W
  • Up to 5000 hours of lamp life (in ECO Mode)
  • Low power consumption (0.7W in stand-by mode), which minimizes energy costs
  • Carbon savings meter calculates the positive effects of operating the projector in ECO Mode, which is encouraged by an optional message at startup
  • Green ECO Mode button on the remote control makes the switch between settings easy
  • Comprehensive input panel, which includes DVI-I w/ HDCP (except NP305/405), RCA, s-video and 15-pin
  • Integrated RJ45 connection, which enables quick and easy LAN connection (except for NP305/405)
  • Remote diagnostics, which enable the administrator to monitor and make adjustments to the projector via the network from a remote location
  • Quick start (3-4 seconds) and shutdown, which allow for immediate use and power off function without the need for a cooling period
  • 7-watt speaker

The NEC NP series are now commercially available. NEC Asia provides 2-year carry in limited warranty.

NP305 $1199
NP310 $1299
NP405 $1399
NP410 $1499
NP410W $1499
NP510 $1788
NP510W $1888
NP510WS $1999
NP610 $2,199
NP610S $2,199
(Price quoted include GST)

Further information can be found on the internet at


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