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  1. NEC delivers business continuity to Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co. Ltd. with NEC Virtual PC Center

NEC delivers business continuity to Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co. Ltd. with NEC Virtual PC Center

Singapore, 4 February 2009 – NEC Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, announced today a successful implementation and operation of NEC's Virtual PC Center (VPCC) at the Singapore Branch of Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co. Ltd (STB). The complete virtual PC solution provides STB with a remote terminal system for business continuity in a time of unexpected business disruption. This implementation is the first virtual PC deployment by the STB in this region. The primary goal of the system was to ensure business continuity via secure remote access for strategic business users.

NEC's VPCC is a complete thin client solution, with full PC functionality including multimedia capabilities. With the VPCC system, a user can access his or her own desktop environment in NEC VPCC center via any VPCC terminals. It is with this solution that NEC Asia supported the STB’s business contingency trial successfully in July 2008, enabling their communication and operations between Singapore and Japan. It is also this same solutions that was used for the Singapore branch’s industry-wide pandemic response exercise in August 2008.

"Singapore’s financial industry alone produces some 12% of its Gross Domestic Product and accounts for 5% of its employment directly. Its status as the regional financial hub further reinforces the need for the sector to have sound contingency plans to ensure that all critical business operations continue to function smoothly even when faced with major pandemic crisis or unexpected acts of terrorisms. With these in mind, NEC sets out to bring about a virtual solutions that ensure data security, business continuity through remote access, smooth upgrades and scalability”, says Mr Kiyofumi Kusaka, Regional CEO of NEC Asia.

Both case studies are good examples and evident of how NEC VPCC thin clients solutions aid businesses to achieve and ensure smooth flows of business operations and accurate contingency strategies.

The newly implemented system virtualizes and consolidates each user's individual PC environment - including data and software - on the server; and automatically allocates server resources such as CPUs in accordance with users' workloads. This is the first time an overseas branch of STB has employed this type of virtual PC technology in this region.

Additional benefits of NEC's VPCC solution include reduced power consumption, lower total cost of ownership compared to a traditional desktop PC, and a single vendor to contact for the entire front-to-backend virtual PC system.

With security and business continuity being the highest priority within the financial industry, NEC Virtual PC Center aims to deliver high quality scalable security management systems from a comprehensive platform.

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