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  1. NEC NP500WS and NEC NP600S: Short-Distance Projections

NEC NP500WS and NEC NP600S: Short-Distance Projections

Singapore, 15 May 2009 – NEC Asia is proud to present to the market two innovative LCD projector models featuring short-distance projection capability. NEC is extending its projector portfolio in the education sector with these new models and is offering an outstanding technology solution to this particular market sector. The highlight of both projectors is their virtual remote control allowing full PC control of all projector functions. The NEC NP500WS and NEC NP600S can project pictures with a diagonal of 60” from a distance of only one metre. This means that presenters don’t cast any annoying shadows nor are they dazzled by the projector itself. The two models are ideal for small rooms and are also particularly suited for meetings and training courses where interaction between the participants is best undertaken directly in front at the whiteboard.

The unique Virtual Remote function allows all the projector settings to be directly computer controlled using the VGA cable, with the virtual remote control function able to be installed onto any computer. The software interface has been created to mimic an actual remote control unit with important buttons such as, for example, for choosing the operating mode, specifically represented. Such functionality is particularly important for the education sector where the projector is generally used by multiple people and a single remote control unit is otherwise too limited. It also means that the annoying climb over tables and chairs to switch a fixed installation-projector on or off is now no longer required.

Outstanding options for centralised network control and monitoring via the RJ45 LAN connection are additionally enabled by the PC Control Utility Pro 4 software. The NEC NP500WS and NEC NP600S have been equipped with a function allowing the programming of user-defined operating times so as to automatically switch them on and off. This can be set using the projector itself or via software-control over the entire network. Automatic error messages are also sent to the system administrator when a fault occurs indicating the source of the error, which makes maintenance of the devices significantly easier. The PC Control Utility Pro 4 software can be downloaded free of charge from the NEC homepage.

Additional practical features have also been developed for particular application within the education sector. For example, alongside the programming and alarm functions, the projectors have also been equipped with Off-Timer, Quick On and Off, and Direct Power Off. In addition, the NEC NP500WS and NEC NP600S have been equipped with an EcoMode function that even increases lamp lifetimes from 3,000 hours to up to 4,000 hours. When operating in Standby, the user also has the choice between normal standby and a special Power Safe mode featuring a power consumption of only 3 Watts. This ensures cost-efficiency as well as low operating costs (i.e. total cost of ownership.)

With WXGA (NEC NP500WS) and XGA (NEC NP600S) resolutions, the projectors also offer a contrast ratio of 600:1. Automatic vertical keystone correction of +/- 20 degrees as well as wall colour correction with whiteboard mode also ensure that the devices can be quickly set up in the most varied of deployment locations, whilst the practical connectors enable the highest possible flexibility in numerous deployment situations. The LCD projectors have been equipped with a DVI-I interface for digital signals that can also be used as a second analogue connector using the included adapter. In addition, the RS-232 interface allows the projectors to be controlled and maintained by PC. The integrated 7W loudspeakers also enhance the multimedia functionalities of the devices. With their low weight of only 3.3 kg the NEC NP500WS and NEC NP600S are ideal for fixed installations in educational facilities, or for mobile applications within companies.
Ensuring reliability and protection against unauthorised access, the projectors have been secured with a Kensington Lock connector, password protection, a lockable keypad as well as a security bar.

Availability and Price
The NEC NP500WS and NEC NP600S models will be commercially available from Included in the package are a network cable and a mini D-Sub signal cable, an IR remote control unit, replacement battery, protective lens cap, as well as a handbook CD and a quick setup guide. The projectors are supplied in a carry case with their accessories.

NP500WS Projector S$ 1,999.00
NP600S Projector S$ 2,288.00

(price quoted include GST)

Further information can be found on the internet at

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