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  1. NEC NP901W - A portable desktop projector with high-end features and wide-screen resolution

NEC NP901W – A portable desktop projector with high-end features and wide-screen resolution

Singapore, 13 January 2009 – The new NEC NP901W mobile projector is blazing a trail with new high-end features which are usually only to be found in installation projectors. Besides a brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens, it also offers a contrast ratio of 400:1 and has a total weight of 3.7 kg. However, the highlight of the NEC NP901W is its WXGA resolution. This makes the projector the ideal wide-screen projector for corporate and business users. The HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) technology additionally ensures excellent image quality. With its Windows Vista certification it is also equipped for Plug & Play wireless networking to allow flexible presentations over a W-LAN. Connecting to a local network is accomplished simply and quickly, without requiring any additional software or administrator rights. The NEC NP901W has been designed for applications in the education and entertainment sectors – for example, in universities, in the public sector or in the catering trade. It is also ideally suited for deployment within companies, e.g. for use in meetings or conferences.

The NEC NP901W is one of NEC Asia’s first projector featuring MPEG-2 video playback from USB memory, enabling users the benefit of full DVD standard video quality without the need for a player. With the help of its integrated Silicon Optix HQV technology HDMI and USB MPEG-2 video the projector also provides the highest video quality. Additional functions also guarantee maximum flexibility and versatility in applications. The picture-in-picture function (PIP) allows data and video to be displayed which is a useful feature for corporate video conferencing systems. The projector is designed for imaging within the medical environment with it’s built-in DICOM simulation profile (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) medical image files with very fine grey gradations can be represented, for example, in training courses or teaching sessions.

Quick and easy wireless networking
Thanks to the projector’s Ethernet connection, the Windows Vista Remote Desktop Control function permits files to be called up, even when the actual data source is some distance away: the data are transmitted to the projector to allow the presenter quick and simple access to them. In order to facilitate the setting of necessary controls or the selection of individual files, the projector allows direct USB connection of a mouse and keyboard - additional software or administrator rights aren’t necessary for this. All the networking functions can be achieved without any restrictive cables over wireless-LAN. Of course, these functions can also be performed using a cable via the RJ45 interface.

The NEC NP901W offers maximum flexibility with its numerous connections. Alongside its USB and digital HDMI interfaces (with HDCP) it offers two VGA ports as well as S-video, video and audio ports and a 3.5 mm stereo audio output. The analogue PC output enables the connection of an external monitor. Control and maintenance of the projector is enabled using the RJ45 or RS-232 ports. The integrated USB viewer allows the direct connection of external data storage devices to the projector, for playing video files (MPEG2) or viewing images and presentations completely independently of a PC.

The 3D Reform function compensates for diagonal distortions, enabling both horizontal and vertical keystone correction when the projector is not positioned in the ideal. The NEC NP901W also easily adjusts for spatially restricted areas, for example with its 1.2-times optical zoom or vertical and horizontal keystone correction. With its geometric correction software function, images can also be projected distortion-free onto rounded, curved or cylindrical surfaces. In order to ensure low operating costs (TCO) NEC has equipped the NEC NP901W with a multiplicity of features like, for example, power save and stand-by modes, program timer, the power management function or EcoMode. At the same time, the power-saving functions also make their contribution to helping protect the environment. NEC has been developing environmentally-friendly products for almost ten years now. For example, as a manufacturer over this time period, it has used CFC-free fire protection coatings for the projector housing. Cardboard is also used instead of polystyrene in its packaging materials.

Availability and Price
The NEC NP901W Projector come with a 2-years limited warranty. Below price inclusive of GST.

NEC NP901W Projector S$2,499.00

Further information can be found on the internet at

Technical Data
NEC NP901W Projector

LCD : 3 x 1.4 cm (0.56") p-Si with MLA LCD panel
Recommended resolution : 1,280 x 800 (WXGA)
Contrast ratio : 400:1
Brightness : 2,000 ANSI Lumens
Power consumption : 310 W normal / 260 W EcoMode / 18 W Stand-by / 3 W Power-Save mode
Weight : 3.7 kg
Extras : Windows Vista certified network projector, HQV for excellent video picture quality, picture-in-picture, picture & picture, USB viewer, Remote Desktop, 3D-Reform, password protection, wall colour correction, various timer functions, altitude mode, Quick-Off, OSD in 21 languages, optional user logo
PC analogue : 2 inputs: Mini D-SUB 15-pin, alternatively with component signal (YPbPr), 1 output: Mini D-SUB 15-pin
HDMI™ : 1 input: HDMI with HDCP, 19-pin, audio support
Video / S-Video Cinch / DIN 4-pin (Hoseidenbuchse)
USB : USB Type A, USB 2.0
Audio : - 2 inputs: 3.5 mm stereo jack-plug (computer analogue)
            - 2 inputs: stereo Cinch (video and S-video)
            - 1 output: 3.5 mm stereo jack-plug (variable)
LAN/WLAN : 1 input: RJ45, 10/100 base-T/IEEE 802.11b/g (WLAN)
PC-Control : (RS-232) 1 input: D-Sub 9-pin
Audio Functions : 5 W Mono
Lamp lifetime : 2,500 hrs. normal / 3,500 hrs. Eco mode

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