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  1. NEC’s High Sensitive Camera Captures Moving Colour Images in Darkness

NEC’s High Sensitive Camera Captures Moving Colour Images in Darkness

NEC NC-R550 (Lens not included)

SINGAPORE, November 23, 2010 - NEC Asia Pacific (“NEC APAC”), a leading IT and network solutions provider and systems integrator based in Singapore, and a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation (“NEC”; HQ: Japan) is launching a High Sensitive Camera (NC-R550), the world’s first 3-Chip EM-CCD1 (Electron Multiplying charge-coupled device) colour camera for surveillance in Singapore.

Surveillance technologies have evolved to meet the demanding security and monitoring needs of businesses and transportation hubs. Based on 30 years of achievements and experience in the broadcasting scene, NEC‘s High-Sensitivity Camera (HSC) with a minimum subject luminance of 0.0003lx for video, leverages on cutting-edge digital process circuit technology, and is capable of recording action with full-colour clarity in full darkness, under starlight and new moon lighting conditions.

Cameras with the CCD (charge-coupled device) chip are designed to work in low light conditions to produce a high dynamic range image with few light photons. NEC has designed its HSC to serve as a night-time surveillance tool in a variety of applications, including critical high security installations like securing facilities and utility plants, as well as tracking illegal activities at sea or in seaports, allowing authorities to better monitor and detect irregularities in operations at night.

When combined with NEC’s CCTV and integrated surveillance systems, these cameras automatically detect intruders, illegal marine trade and the access of unregistered vessels by displaying these images on a monitor screen, enabling large-scale surveillance and protection of seaports and cargos, whether stored or in transit. NEC can also customize an optimum solution for operators by adding one-touch image playback, touch-panel controlled zoom, and various other functions.

Features of NEC NC-R550

  • 3 EMCCD (electron-multiplying charge-coupled device) chip creates a high sensitivity image with efficient use of light
  • Full-colour video capture in full darkness, such as starlight and new moon lighting conditions
  • Excellent night-time surveillance tool
  • Fully automatic white balance
  • Automatic sensitivity control


NEC offers a comprehensive suite of integrated security solutions including multi-biometric identification, access gates, video surveillance and behavior pattern analysis. Having been in development for more than three decades, NEC’s fingerprint and facial recognition solutions are recognized as the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric technologies for identification.

For more information on HSC, please log on to: For enquiries on public safety solutions/services, please contact or call (+65) 6278 1818.


[1] “EM-CCD” refers to the breakthrough CCD that causes impact ionization by applying a high voltage to an electron multiplying register to amplify signal charges on chip, using generated secondary electrons. The super-ultrasensitive camera contains three of those CCD panels for R, G, and B.

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To leverage on its technological expertise in the field of public safety, NEC APAC has established a regional competency centre (public safety) to expand its capabilities and expertise to support businesses in the Asia Pacific region.

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