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  1. NEC’s Synergized World’s Leading Facial Recognition System with Live Video Security Intelligence to Help Fight Global Crimes

NEC’s Synergized World’s Leading Facial Recognition System with Live Video Security Intelligence to Help Fight Global Crimes

Singapore, March 17, 2009 – NEC Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation will introduce its world-class Facial Recognition System (FRS) that is synergized with Live Video Security Intelligence at the Global Security Asia 2009.

NEC is the leader of biometrics solutions market with successful implementations of the largest biometrics databases in the world today. With a commitment to empower life through innovation, NEC has successfully synergized Facial Recognition System (FRS) with Live Video Security Intelligence, bringing its FRS to a higher level on delivering criminal intelligence efficiency!

NEC FRS is a new, fast and non-intrusive means of identifying a person with enhanced accuracy. NEC FRS is suitable for both civilian identification and criminal identification. The newly integrated technology enables security agencies to conduct identification and investigation of a suspect captured in closed-circuit TV (CCTV) footage.

Through this solution, security agencies need not scrutinize thousands or even millions of CCTV footages for an investigation. With a few simple clicks, they can now do a one-is-to-one (1:1) or even one-is-to-many (1:n) facial search or matching to establish those CCTV footages that contain the suspect. Induction and deduction can later be inferred on the whereabouts, whom the suspect talks to/liaised with via the meticulous investigation process of security agencies. These facial screening can be done either after the CCTV footage has been captured (ie: post-screening), or while it’s being capture (ie: live-screening).

“Heightening security is no longer the responsibility of Governments alone. To uphold public safety, Governments in the world are roping in their residents to play their part to make their home a safer hence better place to bring up their children”, explained Mr. Tan Boon Chin, Senior Vice President of NEC Asia.

Mr Tan further adds, “People are appreciating the value of accurate identification through use of technology such as biometric identification and integration of otherwise disparate systems to enhance the situational awareness. Besides, we have seen great testimonies of enhanced security identification bringing about more efficient government services and greater customer convenience. A good example is the ePassport Systems that allows Visa Waiver among countries, as well as Automated Immigration Clearance System which rewards residents with greater convenience of crossing the border.”

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