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NEC ECO Center

Energy-saving server solution for Kyoto University

Kyoto University was experiencing a rapid rise in energy consumption due to growing IT use. A new IT platform was necessary in order to provide safe information services and, moreover, to reduce environmental impact. NEC's energy-saving server solution was the answer to Kyoto University's challenge.

Space and Energy Saving Server

In data centers housing large numbers of servers with vast amount of mission critical data, "energy savings" and "space savings" are becoming more vital issues as data volumes grow. NEC's ECO CENTER leverages specially designed rack mounted hardware that combines advances in power efficiency, virtualization technology, and platform management capabilities to optimize power consumption.

The ECO CENTER's design focus is the "rack"— the data center's minimum configuration unit. Thanks to a hardware configuration using server modules with NEC's improved power utilization and virtualization technology that consolidates virtual servers and that realizes more efficient operational loads, NEC ECO CENTER enables energy savings through optimized power efficiency.

ECO CENTER Key Features

  • ECO CENTER uses cutting-edge, energy saving components including CPU, chipset, and memory
  • Cooling efficiency is improved through maximized front and rear panel openings and consolidated connection cables on the back of the rack.
  • Highly efficient power supply delivers a power conversion rate of 89%, improving efficiency under both peak and off-peak loads.
  • Housed in an aluminum chassis with the reduced number of structural components, ECO CENTER achieves weight reduction to 500kg/m² for 512 cores.