Cloud Solutions

Customized for business continuity

Flexible, secure and reliable, NEC’s Comprehensive Cloud Solution enhances business operation while cultivating business growth. Supported by top-notch infrastructure and stringent security measures, NEC’s Cloud solutions boost interconnectivity, allowing businesses to stay connected remotely.

The dynamic Cloud environment allows for a secure digital transformation, with full adherence to regulations and industry standards. Minimize potential downtime with complimentary High Availability, enhancing operational continuity. Whether you are new to Cloud, or are already on this digital transformation, we are able to customize a solution to optimize business continuity and eliminate further interruption to daily operations.

Standard and Certification

NEC’s Data Center are certified to meet rigorous environmental and energy management standards

  • ISO 27001
  • ANS / TIA-942
  • Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS)
  • SAP Cloud Hosting
  • Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment (TVRA)

Suite of Cloud Solutions

  • Complimentary High Availability (HA) to ensure business continuity
  • Protect against cyber attacks and minimize data breaches with 24/7 Monitoring and Alert system
  • Automated data deployment based on performance needs to warrant swift execution
  • Reduce hefty upfront cost and eliminate waste by paying based on usage

NEC Cloud

  • Attain the power of Cloud without additional manpower and equipment cost.
  • Improve organization stability with automated processes, eliminating the need to monitor business application manually.
  • Protect business-critical data with 24/7 Security Coverage and receive extensive reporting to preempt risks

Managed Services

  • Strengthened existing IT infrastructure for enhanced operational continuity with leading solutions:
    • Backup-as-a-Service
    • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service
    • Security-as-a-Service
    • Monitoring-as-a-Service
    • Support-as-a-Service
    • Migration-as-a-Service
    • Storage-as-a-Service


Other Business Recovery Solutions

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