Disinfectant Droid

Self-cleansing Disinfectant Robot

NEC’s Disinfectant Droid (a partnership with Solustar) effectively cleanses surfaces and decontaminates the environment to reduce the risk of infection. The robot has no protuberances for foreign matter to gather and reside, thus enabling the disinfectant droplets to cover surfaces entirely and fluids to effectively drain away.

Standing at 1.2metre tall, the droid sanitises both habited and inhabited spaces and can be remote-controlled or set on autonomous mode. Using safe water soluble disinfectant, NEC’s Disinfectant Droid can treat 27 cubic metre of space per minute (8.5 square metre x 3 metre height).

Key Benefits

Safeguard your staff

Deep cleansing and disinfecting into every nook and cranny

Safe sanitizing of habited or inhabited spaces

Easy deployment

Immediate Use Cases




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