Smart Crowd Density Analysis Solution

Crowd Control at Your Fingertips

Control and manage crowds easily with NEC’s Smart Crowd Density Analysis Solution. A solution that keeps track of crowd density and predicts potential overcrowding, it provides updates in real-time, where swift actions to alerts can be effected.

Management can handle crowd control at a fraction of the usual manpower needed. Planning of logistical and operational measures becomes better with digital records and trends collected from the solution.

Visitors are able to avoid peak hours with real time updates and information of a place through a web portal, thus managing their time efficiently and avoiding peak periods.

Key Benefits

Real-time updates and data analysis from system

Efficient planning for both management and customers

PDPA and GDPR compliance

Cost efficient

How it works

[1] Sensor keeps track of number of people moving in and out of the entrance.

[2] Alert is triggered when the premise occupancy exceeds its allowed threshold.

[3] Management receives alert and can quickly implement its crowd control plans.

Recommended for

Retail, FnB and Entertainment


Public Facilities

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