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Venue Management

The O2 Experience

UK's O2 entertainment district is an iconic landmark in Europe empowered by NEC's innovations. The O2 showcases NEC's state-of-the-art venue management solutions from digital projectors, servers, IP telephony, wireless access, RFID, computing and network solutions to digital cinema.

Venue Management Solutions

NEC services almost half of the hospitality world in Las Vegas, with cost-effective and customer-centric integrated IT solutions that give the hoteliers and theme park operators the leading edge in the industry.

As a proven technology partner in venue management, NEC aims to house all the latest technologies under one roof:

  • Brand new models of Projectors, LCD Monitors and Virtual PC Center work the magic to impress tenants and visitors by creating a high-tech image of the venue.
  • Digital and wireless Projectors allow projection of multimedia content at a single location to be accessible by multiple sites at the venue.
  • Mobility enables staff on the move to be contactable at any critical moment during the events. Wireless broadband access makes internet connectivity possible at every corner of the venue.
  • IP Telephony provides communications for all staff, tenants or customers using voice over IP on one seamless IP network with enhanced features but lower total cost of ownership.
  • Contact Center provides call routing and handling for directory assistance, helplines and department-specific assistance.
  • Digital Signage acts as direction signs, information displays or sources of entertainment at the venue. They can be floor plans/attraction information in theme parks, movie trailers in cinemas, match/race updates in sports stadiums, food menu in restaurants or promotion signs in retail outlets.
  • Self-service information kiosks interact with visitors to provide all necessary information of the venue (price/timetable, attraction information, event schedule, retail outlets, etc.) and dramatically cut down the queues at the reception area.
  • RFID provides access control as well as daily time and attendance details of all staff and visitors present at the venue.