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Cloud Computing

Cloud Hosting and Services are fast becoming the key pillar for organizations in this disruptive age; with increasing number of organizations looking to incorporate cloud solutions to improve internal collaborations, lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and rejuvenate business agility. The demand for Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is expected to reach $150.7 billion by 2023 globally, at a compound annual growth rate of 27%.

Choosing The Right Cloud​

With the revolution of Cloud technology, On-Premises servers can be hosted in external third-party Data Centers, eliminating hefty maintenance cost with increased aglity. Cloud allows for easy storage and deployment of information at anytime, anywhere. This provides businesses with the flexibility and scalability at a much lower cost while having cutting edge technology at any point in time.

Seamless Integration, Smoother Operations

Apart from offering both Public Cloud and Private cloud, NEC also provides integration between different Clouds, including Hybrid Clouds. Organizations are able to select the Cloud Computing solution which best suits their needs. Organizations, with on-premises IT infrastructure, are able to store selective data in respective mediums based on level of importance. With Cloud Integration solution, NEC ensures seamless connectivity across all platform.

Rejuvenate Business Operations With Integrated Solutions

NEC offers a wide variety of integrated solutions targeted to revitalize existing IT infrastructure. With Cloud Computing, businesses can minimize wastage caused by over-provisioning. Highly elastic, these resources can be scaled up or down instantly to meet operational needs. Deploy technology services in a matter of minutes and execute ideas faster than before.

Public Cloud

Enhance business operations with optimized resources. Bypass the Internet and seamlessly connect to the Public Cloud.

Private Cloud

Safeguard confidential data with heightened security measures. Dedicated infrastructure to meet organization needs.


Eliminate hassle and cost of running your own Data Center. Built-in redundancy infrastructure to mitigate physical risks.


Improve flexibility with integrated solutions, and allow for better data deployment with Hybrid Cloud.

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