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NEC Data Center

The NEC Data Center sits at the heart of NEC; it is the epicentre of the NEC computer systems and network infrastructure. The company's business functions rely on the data center as a powerhouse. To ensure that the data center is in continuous uptime, it has to be both efficient and scalable. Although this is a complex feat to achieve, NEC manages to do so on a daily basis, over the long term, by offering a few key features.

Co-location and Rack Hosting Services
Our shared and dedicated co-location services give our customers the competitive advantage in their business by offering them a platform that is both modular and scalable. All our customers have at their disposal Tier-3 (Uptime Institute / TIA942 standard) data centre facilities that comply with ISO-27001 security standards and also meet MAS TVRA standards. So whether their plans are to replace their current data centre or augment it with a second site for disaster recovery, we provide them with manageable and secure means to do so.

Enterprise Application Hosting
NEC has much valuable experience in managed computer services. It is well-placed to host and support the underlying infrastructure of complex workloads like Oracle and SAP, which require specialized knowledge to operate optimally. Furthermore, it can also support middleware applications and databases.

Data Centre consolidation and relocation services
Under NEC, a centralized data center combining multiple data centers drives economies of scale, leading to reduced costs for our customers.

In the event our customers wish to move their data center, NEC will help to reduce the inherent risks. By managing the complexity, containing all costs and working round the clock, a challenging task that could be costly and disruptive to business becomes manageable. NEC works behind the scenes of any migration so that our customers can focus on making their applications available to their customers with minimal disruption.