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National Registration and Identification

National ID

More and more cities and countries see the need to be able to quickly identify citizens and residents using a system for national identification.

Apart from homeland security purposes and allowing citizens to vote, proper identification of individuals enables agencies to disburse appropriate benefits such as healthcare or social security.

Voter's Identification

For fast and accurate verification of each voter's identity on Election Day, governments are able to adopt biometrics and a centralized voter ID database with all eligible voters' data in order to prevent election fraud.

Employing the world's fastest and most accurate biometric identification technology, the speed and accuracy of NEC's Voter ID solution ensures that eligible voters are identified quickly to avoid long queues.

Social Security Solutions

NEC has supplied its Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) globally to many government and law enforcement agencies. NEC has developed systems using AFIS for the processing and storage of data (demographic and civilian biometric) of the mass public for purposes of verifying the individuals for elections, pension withdrawals, national ID and others.

The database size runs into the tens of millions of identities each with 10 fingerprints enrolled into the database. NEC utilizes its AFIS to ensure the integrity of its data. NEC AFIS provides capturing of data, quality control, fingerprint enrollment, investigation, reporting, online verification, batch processing and many other features. The front-end module allows for capturing using different devices such as fingerprint scanner, cameras, signature pads, flatbed scanner, etc.

Driver's License

In many countries that do not have National IDs, driver licenses have become the de facto form of identification, elevating the need to improve the security of these documents. Biometric technologies enable governments to secure their Driver’s License system via the elimination of duplicate and fraudulent licenses.

NEC's Driver’s License solution employs biometrics to validate the identity of the license holder. When issuing and renewing licenses, NEC's Driver’s License solution allow governments to streamline services whilst delivering operational savings.

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