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Vital Installations

Integrated Security Solutions

In any city, there are vital installations that require heightened security such as power generation plants, telecommunication exchanges, or the city’s water supply.

NEC has a range of solutions for protecting these assets. On the ground, NEC has high sensitivity cameras to capture video images, even in low light. Data from these cameras can be analyzed by NEC’s behavior detection systems that automatically detect suspicious behavior.

NEC also has effective end-to-end, granular access control system using biometric recognition to manage the movement of people through sensitive facilities.

By combining biometrics and CCTV, the system can detect the misuse of ID cards, tailgating and intruders enabling efficient control with high speed processing capabilities.

In addition, NEC has a vehicle clearance system that relies on character recognition of license plates to record entry and exit and that allows for the video scanning of the undercarriages of vehicles for security purposes.

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