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Data Analysis & Decision Making Systems

Disaster Warning Systems

In earthquakes, the main damage is caused by secondary waves (S-waves) instead of the primary waves (P-waves). NEC's earthquake early warning systems rely on detecting primary waves (the initial tremors) and using that to calculate the epicenter and the scale of the earthquake. NEC's tsunami warning systems have an additional simulator to determine the tsunami risk following the identification of the epicenter of the earthquake and its intensity.

Disaster Emergency Response Centre Solution

NEC also has a disaster emergency response centre solution. The centre is the hub of information. It takes in meteorological reports, raw data from sensors, video footage, information from the police or army about ground conditions, and first-hand reports and assesses the type of response that is most appropriate. Once a decision is made, the centre has the ability to communicate to households, individuals and evacuation centers via various communication channels such as fax, radio, the Internet and mobile phones.

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