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Observation Systems

Sensors & Cameras Systems

Disasters, whether they are earthquakes, floods or tsunamis, are impossible to prevent. As a result, the first step in disaster management is having early warning systems. Early warning systems use sensors and cameras to detect earth movements, changes in water levels or terrain.

Ocean Bottom Observation Systems

NEC’s ocean bottom observation systems, earthquake observation systems, land (river, coast, dam) observation systems and land observing satellite systems are able to notice and alert the authorities to impending events. These systems, using normal seismometers, ocean bottom seismometers, tsunami sensors, precipitation and water level sensors and surveillance cameras, are designed to pick up significant changes that are preludes to earthquakes, floods and tsunamis.

3D Digital Surface Modelling (RealScape)

Apart from sensors, another important NEC solution is RealScape, a 3D digital surface modeler. RealScape automatically generates 3D surface data of terrestrial objects and terrains by outputting full-pixel Digital Surface Model (DSM) images from aerial photographs. This can be used to survey areas to see the extent of damage or, proactively, to highlight areas vulnerable to storm surges or floods.

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