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Data Management Systems

Big Data Management

Thanks to computerization, governments today are awash in data. The data comes from many and varied sources and in many different formats. It includes data from video sources, sensors recording precipitation and ground movements and even different types of mobile devices.

The data is potentially valuable but can only be useful if it can be managed and properly analyzed. NEC offers solutions for data gathering, a platform for data exchange, an operations center to manage different inputs and the analytics to make sense of it all.

Master Data Management

While governments today have gathered plenty of data, problems arise because the data usually comes from disparate, unrelated sources in different formats. To use the data, it becomes important to manage the data effectively.

NEC's Master Data Management solution improves data consistency thus making data usable. It uses strategies such as systems of record, data governance and service-oriented architecture. NEC’s Master Data Management solution can assist governments with customer data management and data governance.

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