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Public Administration Services

Many governments have known to use ICT (infocomm technologies) to engage its residents as well as for service delivery. However, with their dependence on new technologies, modern societies have become highly vulnerable to digital disruptions caused by cyber-attacks, which can lead to disruptions to services. NEC offers solutions to government to shield itself from the threat of digital paralysis.

Another important challenge of this increase in population density is the vulnerability of the population to disease outbreaks. Contagion is much faster because diseases do not have far to travel. As such, a safe city is not merely one that is free from security incidents. Governments also need to ensure that its residents are kept safe from different kinds of foreseeable harm. Over the years, NEC has developed a number of different solutions that do this in different ways.

Government Case Management

Case Management System

Intellectual Property


Facility and Asset Management

Asset Management
• Sea Passenger Terminal Management
• Library Materials Circulation System

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