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Management of Foreign Manpower

Apart from citizens and permanent residents, many countries now rely on importing manpower from abroad to meet their labor needs. This can be highly-trained professionals or short-term workers to fill the gap in manpower shortages.

These talents or short-term workers play a vital economic role but for the purposes of identification and management, they are usually managed separately by different ministries. The creation of a range of passes from Employment Passes to Work Holiday Passes ensures the ability of a country to effectively handle the influx of foreign talent.

 Each of the approved foreign manpower working will be issued an identification card with their biometrics information. NEC also has an Automated Arrival System to complement the registration process via the incorporation of self-check-in kiosks and LCD display panels to provide personalized services to applicants more efficiently.

Employing its state-of-the-art fingerprint biometrics and photo-images technologies, NEC is able to help countries construct database of every foreigner residing in the country on a long-term basis.

Apart from an identity management solution, NEC also offers a business process outsourcing solution and services to handle the enrollment process, card personalization, and card issuance.

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