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RFID Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enables contactless, conclusive identification of objects, allowing for automatic, real-time tracking of any given item in the logistics chain. Work together with NEC to determine how RFID can benefit your business and the best methodologies for implementation.

RFID Manager / EPCIS

The core of NEC's RFID Solutions which is build around certified based on EPC global open standard Specification, opens up applications of the future that not only secure your processes but make them more transparent and comprehensible.

RFID-Based Solutions

RFID-based applications and solutions that enable you to implement RFID and redefine your company's workflows processes. Some of the key applications include Asset Management, Inventory Management, Traceability System, Integrated Security Access & Time Management
and Document Tracking Systems.

RFID Services

NEC's primary objective is to assist customers to maximise value and reduce risk by offering superior professional services and network solutions designed to realize their RFID business, technical and operational objectives.

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