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Energy Storage System (ESS)

Power grids realize stable power supply by optimally balancing supply and demand. But as the use of solar power and other renewable energy sources, which have unstable output, continues to increase, power supply to the entire grid could become unstable. This presents a variety of challenges.

To overcome such challenges, we need technology that “stores electrical power.” By storing electrical energy in energy storage systems, electrical load is equalized, promoting the efficient use of energy. Energy storage systems can also serve as back-up power sources in an emergency.

Energy storage systems are highly versatile and this is a technology that can meet the needs of various users and be utilized in diverse fields. These include data centres where power consumption is a serious cost, telecom towers where diesel theft and increasing emission is a challenge, retail where saving energy is one of the simplest ways to increase profits.

A large Data Centre spends millions of dollars paying its electricity bills. NEC lithium ion can be used to fail over to Diesel Generator upon power outages.  It can be used for Demand Response to either shift peak demand away from high tariff period, or shave demand allowing aggressive under provisioning of the power infrastructure. This saves large capital expenditure which goes into provisioning the power delivery network to accommodate peak power draw, even if this draw never/ rarely occurs.

Similarly, providing 24*7 electricity in areas with intermittent or no electricity is very challenging and expensive. Ongoing rise of diesel fuel and other energy sources have resulted in expenditure increase for service providers. This high operating expense has led to alternative renewable sources of energy and energy storage

NEC has long developed and manufactured lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones and electric assist bicycles, and now, electric vehicles. Leveraging our history of excellence, our mass production technology, and the consistently high quality and safety of our batteries, we are building energy storage systems that meet the demands of users ranging from grids to factories, office buildings and homes.

Products & Services

Battery Systems

Ranging from standalone batteries to fully integrated battery racks, NEC Energy Solutions' technology and systems expertise enables unparalleled performance, life, and safety for the most demanding energy storage applications. NEC Energy’s deep systems knowledge and experience unleashes the value of advanced lithium-ion technology, whether delivered as a small 12V, 5Ah battery or a 950V, 100kWh rack.

Distributed Storage Solution

The Distributed Storage Solution platform is a pre-configured, fully-integrated AC energy storage platform optimized to support advanced energy services creation at the grid edge, whether behind the meter for C&I enterprises or in front of the meter for distribution utilities.

Grid Storage Solution

The Grid Storage Solution is a fully functional, turnkey grid energy storage system that is configured to order, installed, and commissioned by  NEC Energy Solutions' expert team.  Made from a scalable set of modular components spanning energy storage, power conversion, and controls, the GSS is a flexible and adaptable solution for grid energy storage applications.

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