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NEC Smart Energy

NEC has the distinction of being one of the rare few corporations in the world to possess both ICT and energy component technologies. This is a strength that allows NEC to provide smart energy solutions that stabilize both the supply-demand balance as well as the self-sustained energy system.

A New Energy Society must have advanced technology such as the Smart Grid to balance energy supply and demand. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will thus play an increasingly vital role in establishing an information and telecommunications infrastructure for the proper collection and control of data pertaining to energy components. ICT will also play a pivotal role in data processing technology that will enable the effective use of this information.

With its capabilities, NEC is well poised to play a major contributory role in the new energy economy.

Battery System

NEC Energy’s technology and systems expertise enable unparalleled performance, life, and safety for the most demanding energy storage applications.  Learn more

Distributed Storage Solution

The DSS® platform is a pre-configured, fully-integrated AC energy storage platform optimized to support advanced energy services creation at the grid edge.

It integrates advanced battery storage, power conversion and controls technologies into a family of pre-engineered systems that are simple to design-in, install, commission, operate, and maintain.   Learn more

Energy Storage System

The rising price of diesel fuel and other energy sources has resulted in expenditure increases for service providers. These high operating expenses have led to the development of alternative renewable sources of energy and energy storage.  Learn more

Grid Storage Solution

The NEC GSS® Grid Storage Solution is a grid energy storage system that is configured to order, installed, and commissioned by NEC Energy’s expert team. Made from a scalable set of modular components spanning energy storage, power conversion and controls, the GSS is a flexible and adaptable solution for grid energy storage applications. It is a fully functional turnkey solution that can be customised to meet specialised needs.  Learn more