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ActiveImage Protector

ActiveImage Protector is an Image Backup Software that is able to provide backup for the entire system and all its data on the hard disk drives. The backup is created in a form of an “image File” and can be created while the system is in operation. The Image File can be stored on a HDD or on a Network Storage such as a NAS.

In an event there is a system failure, the original system can be easily replicated using the “Image File”. The data and the system can be restored by simply transferring the “Image File” back onto the server/computer.

3 Main Advantages of AIP

  • High Speed & High Performance

    * Quick migration from physical server to virtual server
    * Deduplication of data reduces storage needs significantly


  • User Friendly

    * Easy to use GUI
    * Wizards provide the guide for back/restoration procedures


  • An affordable backup software

    * All features are built in, no additional cost for add-ons