NEC Value-added Time Measurement Solution

"Last Mile" of Manufacturing Industry DX

Unify information of objects and personnel at factories with NEC.
This is the "Last Mile" for Manufacturing Industry.

Almost all KAIZEN improvements have been tried at many manufacturing sites. However, it is still hard to grasp how, when and who produce the products/parts at production lines. Locating bottlenecks is also very difficult.

NEC's Value-added Time Measurement Solution automatically detects camera-captured individual’s hand and body movements during the assembly and inspection process in order to measure value-added time and analyze operational performance by video analysis technology.

Factories' Pain Point

Our Values

Use Cases

Use Case (1) NEC Platforms, Ltd.
Value: Reduction of Kaizen Cost
Before5 days required for 1 Kaizen
AfterJust 2.5 days (half) is enough

Use Case (2): Automotive Parts Manufacturer
ValueCycle Time Management/
Before: No data to show productivity difference of the skilled and unskilled workers, leading to late familiarization
After: Work data reflect the difference and help to realize faster familiarization via exact instruction

Use Case (3): Factory Outside of Japan
ValueRemote Management & Instruction/Reduction of Kaizen Cost
BeforeEngineers travel onsite from Japan HQ for management -> not possible now due to COVID-19 -> face difficulties in management
After: Oversee performance and manage remotely using videos

Use Case (4) NEC Platforms, Ltd.
ValueQuality Assurance /Anomaly Detection
BeforeHuman error and procedure mistakes during busy times
AfterInstantly detects the deviation from standard procedures, and prevents incidents and recalls

Use Case (5): Assembly Factory
ValueCycle Time Management/ Remote Management/Reduction of Kaizen Cost
BeforeLimited manual computation of workers’ productivity
After: Ability to obtain exhaustive performance data with automated constant measurement

Features of NEC Value-added Time Measurement Solution

Dashboard Function

Displays Value-added Times (Active Rates/Active Times) and Inactive Counts based on arbitrarily set threshold values in lists. It is now possible to digitally grasp the production line status through numbers.

Graph Display Function

Displays manufacturing process work status with graphs. This enables you to grasp each working process with graphical information, and understand the relations among processes.


Server CPU: Core i7, 2.1GHz or more/ 6 Core or more
System Memory: 8 GB or more
OS: Windows10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 
Web Browser Internet Explorer/ Edge
Network Camera IP Camera
PoE Layer2 Switch  Supports PoE/ Switch with 11 Ports or more
*License for this solution is sold as an optional product of NEC Multi AI Platform.
NEC Multi AI Platform: NeoFace KAOATO | NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. (

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