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What is VMware Virtualization?

NEC's thin client system, Virtual PC Center, adopts virtualization technology infrastructure provided by VMware

The virtualization technology is used to virtualize each PC onto a centralized server. Original management technology delivers both an efficient use of resources and fault-resistant characteristics. The Virtual PC Center offers a total solution, from PC use through to management and operation.

VMware virtualization technology reduces installation and operating costs, while improving service levels by delivering greater operational efficiency, flexibility and availability.

Benefits of adopting VMware virtualization technology

  • Centralizing computer resources on servers reduces hardware maintenance and space costs
  • Integrated server management reduces management costs
  • Flexible provisioning that adjusts to server load
  • Allows legacy systems to co-exist in new hardware environments
  • Accelerates the lifecycle for developing and introducing new applications
  • No downtime when transferring a running system to another virtual PC

Functions of VMware virtualization technology for VPCC

  • Integrated management of virtual PC
  • Optimal distribution of server resources
  • Addition of new users
  • Installation of applications and patches
  • Recovery from failure
  • Automatic access to virtual PC from user terminals (client management option function)

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