The switch from Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0 can prove to be a real challenge for governments and organizations. The profusion of stakeholders, solutions, and cutting-edge technologies provide numerous opportunities in every aspect of society.

Despite structural changes in economies and demographic challenges, if technologies are adopted with a human-centric approach,
it will certainly make our society a better place.

NEC, as a global technology service provider with Japanese roots, is very well aligned with the vision of Society 5.0, which originated in Japan. We are well-positioned among the top global leaders in supporting and co-creating the digital infrastructure and establishing global standards needed to achieve the larger vision of a connected society of the future – Society 5.0, with sustainability at its core.

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Society 5.0 Vision

NEC strongly believes that it is essential for governments and organizations to thoroughly understand the nuances that can influence the emergence of Smart Societies of the future. To accompany you in your digital transformation journey toward the society 5.0 vision, our experts leverage highly-effective methodologies and robust digital platforms to expedite achieving your global vision.

NEC APAC Future Academy

NEC APAC Future Academy seeks to deepen customers and partners engagements, in conjunction with NEC Lab Singapore (NLS) and Innovative and Transformation Office (ITO). Together, we will co-create the next disruptive model through a sandbox approach.

NEC New Member Companies

NEC’s acquisition of KMD and NPS has strengthened the technological capabilities for all parties and broadened the support available for government bodies around the world. KMD and NPS bring unique benefits to NEC's strategic capabilities. The digital service offering, in particular, has been extended significantly, bringing sector- and region-specific expertise.