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    A more open and connected world has brought rapid innovation and great benefits, but also comes with the possibility of new challenges and risks. How should global leaders think about addressing those challenges?

    Join us and find out at the NEC Visionary Week 2022 as we discuss this year's theme, “Truly Open, Truly Trusted”.

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    The Possibilities are Endless

    From ocean to space, NEC utliizes cutting-edge technologies that are set to transform industries - AI, Analytics, Biometrics, Digital Identity, IoT, Managed Cloud and more.

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    As a leading information and communications technology provider, NEC APAC advocates the adoption of innovative technology and human-centric solution to accelerate value creation together with our clients to reshape how business can be done in a more purposeful and impactful way.

    Together with our research laboratories, NEC APAC endeavors to collaborate with public sector, private enterprise and the community in their digital transformation journey towards a safe and secured society based on trust, fairness and inclusivity.

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Learn about our vision and how human-centric technologies improve quality of life.

Society 5.0

Society 5.0 strives to move toward a more citizen-centric approach to problem-solving, powered by innovative technologies.

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