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NEC Laboratories Singapore (NLS)

NLS’ AI-driven solutions are designed to be deployed for a wide variety of use cases, yet fine-tunable to tailor-fit the needs of individual Governments and Enterprises.

Smart Command Center

The Smart Command Center for Public Safety integrates multiple AI technologies into a single platform, such as facial recognition, abandoned object detection, and top appearance ranking.

The Smart Command Center's Tag and Track system that provides a 360-degree view of every suspicious person detected, allowing for incident correlation and a deeper understanding of suspicious activity.

Searching for faces in historical video footage can be done automatically, using the People Search function. Searching for secondary or related subjects directly from footage is also quick and easy, saving countless hours spent on manually identifying faces in video footage.

Mobile Surveillance Sysyem

A body-worn camera utilizing NEC’s World #1 Facial Recognition algorithm, Neoface, performs high-accuracy facial recognition at the edge.

Officers equipped with the device receive near-instantaneous alerts on their mobile phones when Persons-Of-Interest are detected, allowing for a faster response-time than ever before possible.

The Mobile Surveillance System also seamlessly integrates with the Smart Command Center for Public Safety, allowing ground staff and operators to share information.

Adaptive Video Streaming Technology for Enterprise Safety
Adaptive Video Streaming Technology (AVST) is used to process video footage captured by body-worn and drone-mounted cameras, providing high quality livestreaming over a 4G network to the Smart Command Center.

Voice commands may also be used by the Operator in the Command Center to navigate maps, communicate with Officers on the ground, and view streams from multiple sources.
Crowd Analytics
Using fixed cameras, PTZ cameras, and even drones, our Crowd Analytics solution is capable of counting crowds of various sizes.

Using drones, video footage may be captured and processed with Crowd Analytics in real-time, from an aerial position.

Gaze Analytics

AI technology is used to read the gaze direction of subjects, which can be used in a variety of scenarios.

For example, it can be used as a secondary sensor for behavior detection (shifty-eyes, constant looking at surveillance cameras), or as a means for interacting with a screens hands-free (navigating an interface using only gaze).

Vehicle Analytics
A suite of AI solutions that analyze vehicles and traffic to help enforce traffic laws, and gather data on traffic conditions that can help optimize traffic flow.

This suite includes technologies such as size & speed recognition, traffic counting, and license plate recognition.
Risk-free Driver Management
By collecting telematic data on the driving behavior of bus drivers, our AI engine is able to generate a list of the drivers at the greatest risk of getting into accidents. At-risk drivers can then be sent for corrective training courses.

This proactive approach is favorable over the traditional reactive method of sending bus drivers for corrective training after an accident occurs, and serves to provide smoother and safer journeys for passengers.
Public Transport Operations

Leveraging on predictive analytics and optimization techniques, NEC Laboratories Singapore’s Smart Command Center for Public Transport is able to provide alerts on service-impacting trends, and advise potential improvements.

By providing accurately predicted arrival times and fast schedule optimization, the delivers smoother and safer mobility for passengers.

Stroke Patient Recovery Prediction System
NLS’ Smart Patient Recovery Prediction System (STARIS) works towards predicting patient recovery potential, enabling clinicians to provide treatment and rehabilitation plans that are more personalized. This serves to improve patient quality of life, and enhance hospital operational efficiency.

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