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Entering the 5th Dimension with Explainable AI, Ethics and Governance

18th October 2021

It was a new windowfantastic learning experience as a participant in the inaugural batch of new windowthe AI (Artificial Intelligence) Ethics and Governance Certification programme by the Singapore Computer Society and the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. This programme was officially announced at the recent new windowTech3 Forum held in Singapore on 15 Oct 2021.

This certification is timely and important as companies and the society as a whole embrace AI solutions in all aspects of life and the economy.

NEC is strongly supporting this AI Ethics movement.

AI allows us to tap into new windowthe 5th dimension of the universe, expanding our human experience which is primarily confined to the four dimensions of the 3-dimensional physical space and time.

As it is very feasible that AI will transcend our human intelligence and capacity, it is important that we must ensure that we harness AI in the right way, with proper ethics and governance.

We live in exciting times where AI technologies have been accelerated by IOT, Big-Data, and 5G in a highly connected society in both the physical and virtual domains.

At the same time, sustainable development will be the driving force towards a circular economy with a focus on societal well-being.

Hence it is of paramount importance that policy and business planners and solution developers keep their focus on solving real-life human-centred societal issues as we move towards the next normal.

In this brave new world, it is highly probable that AI will result in greater efficiency in the allocation of scarce resources, and greater effectiveness in producing better products and services. However, will AI result in greater efficacy, i.e. “the ability to produce a desired or intended result”? Hence, it is critical that AI is not only smart but is also wise, and it has the the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possessing discernment, judgment, or discretion.

Not only must AI be wise, but we, the creators of AI must exercise wisdom in applying AI to make a better world and discover new ones. 

Walter Lee
Evangelist and Head of Public Safety Consulting, Public Safety Centre of Excellence
NEC Asia Pacific

Walter has received the Certification for AI Ethics and Governance from SCS and NTU. He leads teams in consulting engagement with strategic clients and is the domain expert for Human-Centred Design Thinking, explainable AI Ethics and Governance, National Digital ID for Smart Nations, and next generation no-code Enterprise Information Management solutions at NEC Asia Pacific.

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