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What is the Human Centred Design Thinking Framework and how is it relevant for innovation in times of disruptions such as these?

7th December 2021

This was the topic of discussion at the 71st Annual Membership Meeting and Convention, (e-AGM 2.0) of the Institute of Electronic Engineers of the Philippines on "Human Centered Design Thinking Framework". The event was attended by more than 1200 delegates with excellent interaction and questions from the participants. [ If you want to watch it, check out the full recording: new window ]

Since the 1990s, NEC has partnered with IDEO, the leading pioneer and advocate for Design Thinking, practising Design Thinking in the innovation for new products, solutions and services across NEC.
new windowIDEO's Tim Brown on Corporation, Design and Innovation

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has also published a very useful guide "Design Thinking for Public Service Excellence" that showed the relevance of Design Thinking for the delivery of public services globally.

Singapore has adopted Design Thinking across various government ministries and agencies.
new windowListen to the inspiring speech by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Singapore University of Technology and Design's Ministerial Forum delivered on 5 April 2018.

NEC Human-Centred Design Thinking Framework

NEC has leveraged design thinking to embrace "Social Value Design". Social Value Design is about creating value from the two points of view, namely, the improvement of "user experience", and "social experience".

Specifically, through co-creation with various stakeholders in the society, we use the processes of design thinking and human centered design to identify problems and generate ideas towards enhancing the greater social value.

As part of our ongoing skills development and upgrading programme, I was delighted to facilitate the ongoing Training and Certification Programme for Human-Centred Design Thinking Framework across the Public Safety Centre of Excellence at NEC Asia-Pacific, for sales, pre-sales, product developers, and project managers at all levels of management. Such is our commitment to have a Human-Centred Design Thinking approach in everything that we do. So what is the Human-Centred Design Thinking Framework all about? Simply put, it is to Empathise with our Hearts, Define and Ideate with our Heads, and Prototype and Test with our Hands. It is a highly iterative process that begins with the focus on the human and societal needs towards the realisation of innovative solutions. We look forward to co-create innovative solutions with all our clients and partners with a Human-Centred Design Thinking framework.

Walter Lee
Evangelist and Head of Public Safety Consulting, Public Safety Centre of Excellence
NEC Asia Pacific


Walter has received the Certification for AI Ethics and Governance from SCS and NTU. He leads teams in consulting engagement with strategic clients and is the domain expert for Human-Centred Design Thinking, explainable AI Ethics and Governance, National Digital ID for Smart Nations, and next generation no-code Enterprise Information Management solutions at NEC Asia Pacific.

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