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NEC Pioneers Digital Transformation for Healthcare with Centre for Healthcare Innovation

Improving quality and efficiency of healthcare services with AI and Data Analytics

Singapore, 09 May 2019 - NEC Asia Pacific made the case for digital transformation in the healthcare industry at the Centre for Healthcare Innovation’s INNOVATE (CHI INNOVATE) Conference on 09 to 10 May, 2019.

An industry knowledge partner with the Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), NEC presented its concept for harnessing the potential of ICT, including AI and data analytics, to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare services during the conference.

This included a live demonstration of NEC Laboratories Singapore’s Smart Patient Recovery Prediction System (STARIS) for stroke patients. The STARIS solution collects physiological and biopsychosocial data from patients along with their past medical records and employs healthcare predictive analytics to generate prediction models for a patient’s recovery potential.

The results are then further processed alongside a set of similar existing clinical data to generate a rehabilitation plan. This gives hospitals and other service providers the ability to predict outcomes such as the estimated recovery period, the ideal type of rehabilitation and progress milestones, among others. It also allows better optimisation of manpower and increases the value of care as patients will receive the most suitable treatment.

NEC also highlighted how its world-leading video analytics technologies, such as facial recognition and remote gaze detection, can be implemented in the healthcare sector. For example, NEC’s NeoFace Watch facial recognition solution can facilitate a seamless patient registration and admission by performing a real-time matching of an individual’s face captured from cameras at entrance against the pre-enrolled patient database. This reduces the time required for healthcare personnel to retrieve the patient’s information.

In addition, NEC demonstrated its remote gaze detection technology which enables real-time detection of the direction an individual is looking. This Proof of Concept allows users to find out more information about a particular item on display just by looking at it.

Mr. Walter Lee, Evangelist and Government Relations Leader, NEC Corporation’s Global Safety Division (Singapore), said, “NEC is driving Digital Transformation globally with innovation in AI and biometrics, and we are extremely excited to be collaborating with CHI as a knowledge partner.”

“Healthcare providers and caregivers must leverage new technologies to innovate and transform the experience and care patients receive. Our partnership with CHI reflects our commitment towards developing innovative healthcare solutions relevant to Singapore and beyond,” added Mr. Lee.

Ms Eiseli Loh, Director, Centre for Healthcare Innovation, said, “CHI is pleased to partner with NEC, a global leader in digital transformation, in exploring new and unique solutions that can address healthcare challenges in Singapore and the world around us.”

The CHI INNOVATE Conference, held in conjunction with the official opening of the Ng Teng Fong Centre for Healthcare Innovation, is expected to host over 800 key stakeholders from private and public healthcare sectors in attendance.


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