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NEC APAC launches Society 5.0 Campaign to pledge commitment to build a Smart Nation in the ‘New Normal’

Singapore, 11 August 2021 – NEC Asia Pacific (NEC APAC), the regional Southeast Asia headquarters for NEC Corporation, today officially announces the launch of its Society 5.0 campaign together with the inception of NEC APAC Future Academy.

Society 5.0, first proposed by the Japanese government, reflects the aspiration to build a human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of societal problems. NEC has partnered with many governments and enterprises worldwide in providing for the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.

NEC APAC aims to encapsulate Society 5.0 as part of its core values and to help resolve current and future societal challenges such as the overall wellness of populations and the provision of a sustainable urban environment. It aspires to collaborate with the public sector, private enterprises and the community to collectively address these complex issues through human-centric platforms based on ethical data-driven technology.

Mr Teh Chong Mien, Managing Director, NEC APAC (Singapore) said, “We share Singapore’s vision to build a Smart Nation, and to accelerate the transformation roadmap towards the ‘new normal’, we will harness NEC’s global research and delivery capabilities. To that end, we have established NEC APAC Future Academy as the key enabler to drive three pillars – develop human-centric design capabilities, incubate future innovations and advance global research collaboration.”

With the support of more than 1,800 AI researchers and data scientists across NEC labs around the globe, NEC APAC Future Academy will be the local hub to build an immersive, cross domain knowledge base with the focus on new talent development in the AI/data science and urban sustainability domains. To transform hypothesis into real world application, NEC will anchor Industry Innovation Dojo under NEC APAC Future Academy, where the organisation will bring together customers, industry partners and the broader community to ideate and develop future concepts in partnership with other NEC labs.

“An important lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic is that we cannot solve complex problems in isolation. We are excited to launch the Society 5.0 campaign powered by NEC APAC Future Academy as the platform to unify the different stakeholders . Together, we hope to build a safe and secure society accompanied by fairness and well-being, living in a sustainable environment for future generations,” added Mr Teh.

For more information, please visit NEC APAC’s Society 5.0 microsite.


About NEC Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Singapore-based NEC Asia Pacific (NEC APAC) is the regional headquarters for NEC Corporation (HQ: Japan) in the Asia Pacific region (South and Southeast Asia). As a leading information and communications technology provider, NEC APAC provides innovative solutions and infrastructure to promote safety, security and enhance the quality of life for individuals and the community. NEC APAC’s expertise includes solutions for carrier networks, biometric identification, enterprise applications and infrastructure, unified communications, transportation solutions, multimedia displays and smart energy, as well as the provision of managed services and contact centre services.

Together with our research laboratories, NEC APAC provides cutting-edge public safety, cybersecurity technologies and enterprise solutions to enable safer cities, with a vision to create a brighter future. For more information, please visit

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