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Laser Light-source Projectors

  Model Type Resolution Brightness
PH502WL-2 Projector P502WL-2 DLP
WXGA 5000 ANSI Lumen
PH502HL-2 Projector P502HL-2 DLP
1080p 5000 ANSI Lumen
PA653UL Projector PA653UL LCD
WUXGA 6500 ANSI Lumen
PA803UL Projector PA803UL LCD
WUXGA 8000 ANSI Lumen
PX803UL-WH Projector PX803UL-WH DLP
WUXGA 8000 ANSI Lumen
PX803UL-BK Projector PX803UL-BK DLP
WUXGA 8000 ANSI Lumen
PX1004UL-WH Projector PX1004UL-WH DLP
WUXGA 10000 ANSI Lumen
PX1004UL-BK Projector PX1004UL-BK DLP
WUXGA 10000 ANSI Lumen
PH1202HL Projector PH1202HL DLP
1080p 12000 ANSI Lumen

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