Productivity Analysis / Skills-Transferring By OTRS

OTRS10 - Time and Motion Study Software

OTRS is a work analysis and optimization software that helps reduce working hours, labor, and production and manufacturing costs through motion analysis and time analysis of videos.


Developed based on industrial engineering to support the improvement activities of your business.
OTRS can be utilized at all stages of the kaizen cycle.

1. Work Perfomance Analysys / Video Comparison

2. Video Manuals / Skill-Transfering / Video Work Instruction

3. Tasks definition / Takt Time Analysis

4. Line Balancing

Rapidly visualize improvements within your production site

Simple design. Feature rich.

Motion Analysis

Easy operation via an intuitive graphical user interface.

Manual Creation

Easily create video manuals to visually communicate techniques that are difficult to explain in words. Manuals can also be exported in presentation format and video format.

Line Balancing

Quickly combine motion analysis results and create accurate simulations.

OTRS10 Extensive Features and Outputs

OTRS Case Study

Reduction of operating costs

Identify and address non value-adding movement to reduce costs.

In-house training

Transfer know-how from skilled technicians and improve the quality of employee training.

Standardization for a diverse workforce

Standardize work procedures and subdivide core tasks to address a broad range of staff labor needs and cater for a diverse workforce.

System Requirements

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