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A vision of a post-pandemic ASEAN, enabled by digital technologies

10th February 2022

After more than two years of uncertainty during the pandemic, many businesses and consumers in ASEAN are looking forward to a more stable recovery in 2022 and beyond. Though it is too early to declare the pandemic over, health experts have said the situation could be new windowmore manageable in future.

What’s important for businesses now in ASEAN is the need to get up to speed as the region recovers from the pandemic and eventually resumes its rapid growth. In ASEAN, 60 million new digital consumers have been added since the pandemic began, according to a new window2021 report by Google, Temasek and Bain & Company. The region is on the path to become a S$1 trillion digital economy by 2030, propelled by fast growth in a digital decade starting from 2021, it adds. Thus, it is critical to understand how societies transformed by the pandemic will embrace new ways to interact digitally, consume healthcare services, buy things over online retail channels and manufacture goods in smart factories.

By creating a clear vision and accelerating innovations today, ASEAN businesses will be better positioned to reap opportunities in this ‘new normal’.

At NEC’s inaugural NEC Visionary Day ASEAN 2022 on 10 March 2022, NEC will share a vision of how ASEAN can forge ahead together to recover, rebuild and reimagine a digital future together with a number of the region’s business and government leaders. Consisting of a full-day online conference and a virtual exhibition, the specially curated virtual event will also feature various NEC teams’ expertise and experience in the region.

In the region, NEC has contributed to the development of the public and private sectors in the fields of communications and computing for over 60 years. Today, just as before, NEC believes that a common vision is important for all stakeholders to identify the type of society they want. We will share our vision of a sustainable society and future, complemented with our portfolio of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and IoT, and various practices and experiences in implementing these technologies in ASEAN at the event.

This event is open to all attendees with a valid registration. Please new windowregister now and join us on 10 March!

Please join in NEC Visionary Day ASEAN 2022

About NEC Visionary Day ASEAN 2022

NEC Visionary Day ASEAN 2022 will start with a keynote by Mr Takayuki Morita, President and CEO of NEC Corporation, with an introduction to NEC 2030 VISION, and he will explain how ASEAN businesses can leverage NEC's technologies and global experience.

This will be a topic for esteemed business leaders in a fireside chat that follows Mr Morita’s keynote, as they discuss how digital transformation is key to transforming their businesses and economy. Joining Mr Koichiro Koide, President and CEO of NEC Asia-Pacific, are:

  •  -Mr Armand Wahyudi Hartono, Deputy President Director of Bank Central Asia
     -Ms Belina Lee, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of Mandai Wildlife Group,
  •  -Mr Fabian Bigar, CEO of Strategic Change Management Office (MyDIGITAL) of the Economic Planning Unit in the Prime Minister’s Department of Malaysia

Participants will also hear from NEC customers, AEON Mall and SMBC (Singapore), who will share how they have managed to leverage digital technologies in readiness for a post-pandemic world.

In the afternoon, join thought leadership symposiums with domain experts from IDC, Frost & Sullivan, and The Digital Banker to discuss challenges and opportunities in the digital government, healthcare and finance pillars. Speakers in the symposiums are renowned thought leaders from both the public and private sectors.

There are opportunities to join our technology experts as they share on technologies that are set to transform industries - AI, Analytics, Digital Identity, Biometrics, IoT and more, in a series of workshops.

Participants are also invited to visit the virtual exhibition where there are country booths focusing on the solutions available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Plus, sector-specific booths on healthcare, retail, government, finance and manufacturing will provide participants with relevant information from experienced sector experts from NEC.

Discover how a common vision can help facilitate and support a sustainable, prosperous ASEAN through the power of digital technology and co-creation.

Find out more about NEC Visionary Day ASEAN 2022 here.
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Satoko Shigeta
Senior Manager of Regional Public Relations
NEC Asia Pacific


Since starting her career at NEC Corporation, Satoko has taken on multiple responsibilities. During her time in Tokyo, her roles included driving product solution sales for the government sector,  biometric product promotion, and leading corporate culture transformation. She was appointed Senior Manager, Public Relations, at NEC APAC in October 2020. Now based in Singapore, she drives NEC’s communication efforts in Southeast Asia.

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