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Human Attribute Analysis

Compared to real-time video analytics, which requires significant processing power that results in high expenses, post-event processing is a more viable and cost-effective solution for post-event investigation. This approach uses a case management approach to search through the relevant footages.

  • Cost Efficient Investigation

    Powered by NEC's Enhanced Video Analytics platform that combines various video analytics technologies, i.e. human attributes detection engine and the award-winning NeoFace facial recognition engine, the Human Attribute Analysis solution enables users to investigate post-events with more flexibility and efficiency.
  • Search

    Users can search through:
    • Various attributes across videos: gender & age, hairstyle, upper & lower body attire, colour, footwear and belongings
    Registered & the non-registered (system auto-enrolled) faces interactively
  • View

    Users can play back the search results with auto-grouping and spatial-temporal visualisation; refine and narrow the search with advanced filters and tagging options.; hide, merge and delete records to remove unwanted data further.

Use Cases