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Law Enforcement

Public law and order is essential in ensuring that citizens and investors feel safe. This is an area in which NEC has many decades of experience working with the police, prisons and judicial systems of different countries in Asia and around the world.

One key technology offered by NEC is an automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS). Fast and accurate (the speed of NEC’s biometrics algorithms has been recognized by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology), NEC’s AFIS has been deployed in over 30 countries. Together with NEC’s facial recognition system, NEC is able to provide a solution that law enforcement officials rely upon to manage physical access, identify criminals and exonerate the innocent.

Criminal ID

Increasing incidents of systematized crime have become a key challenge for law enforcement agencies. Police departments are tapping on the use of technology to optimize their investigation methods.

NEC’s suite of multi-biometric technologies including fingerprint (AFIS), face recognition, iris etc. help law enforcement agencies identify suspects out of millions of records, quickly and accurately. For more than 45 years, NEC's world-renowned identity matching solutions have supported forensic, investigative, and front-line policing operations.

Jail ID

For prisons, NEC has a facility management system that handles the challenging task of monitoring the prison population. The system brings together different solutions to bear on this multi-faceted problem. Relying on the biometric ID of inmates, the system can record attendance or be used for clocking in and out. Special properties such as tattoos and scars can also be incorporated into the system.

The solution adopts multi-biometric technologies to verify the identities of inmates and jail visitors. Jail ID confirms the inmate’s identity during the pre-booking process, prior to release, and monitors facility transfers reliably. In addition, the identities of jail visitors are also validated with biometrics prior to contact with inmates wherein criminal background checks are performed. Jail ID is a modular security solution that can be connected to NEC's Integrated Security Management solution, which provides centralized management of access control, CCTV cameras and facility alarms.

Watchlist Detection

With increasing criminal and terror activities, there is a need for a robust solutions and agencies to ensure the safety of citizens and to proactively identify criminals and persons of interest.

NEC’s watchlist detection solution provides real-time monitoring of surveillance videos, forensic searching of archived videos and static images against a watchlist of individuals and producing real-time alerts to law enforcement staff. Based on independent testing, NEC’s NeoFace technology provides the fastest, most accurate matching capability, and most capable of handling poor quality images.