Compliance & Certifications

At NEC APAC, we are committed to providing exceptional business solutions for our customers and partners. We achieve this through the effective and efficient management of processes and quality control.

These processes form a business management system, which covers quality, occupational health and safety, and information security. All these components are certified to international management system standards and periodically audited by internal and external auditors for ongoing fulfillment of standard requirements.

The impact of certified business systems is evident in our continual development and progression in achieving our vision – to be a leading global communications systems integrator and help our customers gain business value from the communications revolution.

ISO Certifications

Quality Management System Certification

NEC APAC is committed to continuous improvement in the quality of the products and services it  delivers to its vast and varied customer base. Our philosophy is to ensure complete customer satisfaction through a management culture of continual process improvement and adoption of best practices. NEC APAC’s Quality Management System has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2000.

Information Security Management System Certification

NEC APAC is committed to implement and reinforce security and good practices in upholding our NEC APAC Information Security Policy. To this end, we shall vigilantly and diligently consider any potential information security risk in safeguarding our business assets against any potential threats. NEC APAC’s Information Security Management System has been certified to ISO 27001 since 2014.

Service Management System Certification

NEC APAC is committed to ensure the provision of Managed Services improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery and management. NEC APAC Managed Services has established an effective IT Service Management System to improve on Production Service and Service Delivery to achieve quality of IT Service Management. NEC APAC’s Service Management System has been certified to ISO 20000-1 since 2013.

Business Continuity Management System Certification

NEC APAC is committed to deliver integrated, innovative solutions, backed by a sturdy foundation to prevent and respond to unexpected disruptive incidents. To strengthen resiliency, NEC APAC Managed Services has put in place a rigorous Business Continuity Management System, allowing for continuous provision of quality services amidst uncertainties. NEC APAC’s Business Continuity Management System has been certified to ISO 22301 since 2020.

Safety Certification

bizSAFE 4 Certification

NEC APAC is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees and has established and implemented appropriate management policies and procedures to achieve and maintain a healthy and safe working environment for its employees, visitors and for any other person working for or on its behalf. NEC APAC’s bizSAFE System has been certified since 2011.


CMMI Maturity Level 3

NEC Asia Pacific’s Managed Services Business Unit is now rated as CMMI Maturity Level 3, attesting to our team’s strong dedication for continual improvement as well as the maturity of our core processes throughout the different stages of our operations. CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a proven set of global best practices and capability improvement framework that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes that ultimately improve performance. Appraised as CMMI Maturity Level 3, we have shown our capability and quality-driven desire to deliver excellent results to our customers. Please see our listing on CMMI’s website.

CSA Cybersecurity Certification Cyber Essentials Mark

NEC APAC is committed to good cyber hygeine measures within the organisation. We understand the detrimental impact of losing and exposing business-critical data, and have dedicated efforts to protect ourselves from security risks. The Cyber Essentials mark certifies that essential cybersecurity measures were implemented to protect against common, non-targeted attacks.

Environmental Policy

NEC views the operation of business in harmony with the environment as one of our top priority issues and is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the entire global supply chain and contributing to a sustainable society.

  • We will create social value focused on delivering ICT solutions and services leveraging advanced technologies. In so doing, we will contribute to the reduction of the environmental burden on customers and the global environment, and help mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • We will assess the environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of ICT solutions and service development with considerations for reducing environmental burden.
  • We will comply with environmental laws and regulations associated with our business activities, honor agreements with stakeholders, and strive to conserve energy, save resources, and prevent environmental pollution caused by chemical substances and waste along the entire supply chain.
  • We will prioritize the procurement of environmentally friendly hardware, and software, and services.
  • We will disclose environmental information regarding our business activities and ICT solutions and services to our stakeholders.
  • We will raise the environmental awareness of each and every one of our employees worldwide and contribute to the conservation of the global environment through the promotion of climate change action, resource circulation, and biodiversity.
  • We will strive to improve an environmental management system with environmental targets and conduct periodic reviews to realize continual improvement.
  • This policy is applicable to NEC APAC and all its activities.

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