Meet Our Leaders

Koichiro KOIDE

Koichiro KOIDE

President and CEO,
Asia Pacific

Regional Operations


Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Keiji YAMADA

Senior Vice President
R&D Strategic Planning Office


Senior Vice President
Regional & Singapore Finance Solutions Business Unit

Ryohei AIBA 

Vice President
Regional Business & Strategy

Jonathan TAN

Senior Vice President
Regional Human Resources

Shigeki IWATA

Vice President
Regional Legal & Compliance

Singapore Operations

Business Leaders

TEH Chong Mien

Managing Director

Vivian TAY

Senior Vice President
Regional & Singapore Public Safety Business Unit and Centre of Excellence


Vice President
Managed Services Business Unit

YEO Jack Ming

Vice President
Enterprise Infrastructure Business Unit

LOKE Siew Yeng

Vice President
Digital Business Unit

James WOO

Vice President
Digital Delivery & NEC Consulting


Christopher LAM

NEC Laboratories Singapore

Tsuyoshi SAITO

Regional Product & Technology

TANG Weng Sing

Innovation & Transformation Office

Dr Paul WANG

Country Business Development

Walter LEE

NEC Consulting (Public Safety)

Jonny Candra

NEC Consulting (Enterprise)


SIM Chuan Choon

Central Middle Office

Danny TAN

Strategy Office

Sylvia HENG

Human Resources

NEO Boon Chye

Regional Management Information Systems

Daisuke OGAWA

Regional Purchasing & Logistics

TI Lian Bee

Legal & Compliance

AW Beng Teck

Regional Marketing & Communications

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