Cybersecurity Training

The need for strong cybersecurity is paramount in today’s rapidly digitised business environment. From confidential data storage to payment processing, businesses need to ensure information is not compromised.

However, the nature of cyber attacks is in a constant state of flux, with new exploits appearing on a daily basis. Thus, a robust knowledge of cybersecurity principles is required to fend off cyber attacks and keep your information and systems safe and secure.

NEC realises the social value of strong cybersecurity and wants to orchestrate a brighter world with you through enhancing digital security. That is why we have introduced a series of training programmes to face the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks.

With comprehensive and detailed course material, trainees are able to acquire the necessary foundational and expert knowledge and skills. Trainees can choose their desired specialisation levels and also gain practical experience in a realistic attack setting with optional hands-on sessions.

Intro to NEC Cybersecurity Training

NEC Cybersecurity Case Study with Takashimaya

Our Courses


Cybersecurity Awareness

With 95% of all successful cyberattacks involving human error, the need for better understanding of threats and best practices to combat cyberattacks becomes more important than ever. This free course will provide you with these basic cybersecurity awareness knowledge and skills.

Chapter 1 - Why is Information Security important?

Chapter 2 - Who is responsible for Information Security?

Chapter 3 - Common Information Security Incidents

Chapter 4 - Precautions to Avoid Information Security incidents

Chapter 5 - Approach to Information Security Countermeasures

Chapter 6 - What if an Incident Occurs?


Cybersecurity Capacity Building (Basic)

Without a good set of cybersecurity skills, organisations will be unable to develop security processes to mitigate cyberattacks and threats. This course will offer the necessary basic knowledge and skills to carry out advanced and specialized cybersecurity tasks. It is also a pre-requisite course for other specialisation courses.

Security Engineer Expert

The planning and implementation of security solutions is critical in the defending of assets. This course offers technique to secure IT infrastructure (Network, Server, Middleware) in order to minimise the risk of a cybersecurity attack.

Finding Malware

It is said that there are over 350,000 different malware species out there trying to exploit your organisation’s information that could result in a halt to your business operations. An immediate response is required once suspicious activity is detected so as to minimise the impact of any incident. This course will teach techniques to identify and discover malware.


Incident Handler

As prepared as one may be, cyberattacks may still happen. Procedures need to be established to allow business to continue and operate as usual. This course offers techniques to conduct initial incident investigation, oversee the impact and causes and coordinate the incident response till recovery.

Network Forensic Specialist

These techniques help to investigate the increasing number of cyberattacks and threats. This course offers techniques to analyse logs in order to identify suspicious communication in network events to discover the source of security attacks.

Threat Hunter

Understanding existing threats is not sufficient; sophisticated cyber threats that are not able to be detected and contained are being developed everyday. This course will offers techniques to accumulate threat information for preventive and defence tactics and adapt them to existing IT architecture in order to detect and prevent existing and potential attacks.

SOC Analyst Expert

Finding unexpected changes to device logs help to identify security breaches and lead to the containment of cybersecurity threats. This course will offer techniques to correlate multiple log sources, identify sign of attacks and place catered detection rules.


“Capture the Flag” Security Workouts

Existing security experts or trainees who have completed the full suite of our foundational or expert series of specialisation training can test their knowledge with a set of 10 or 30 challenges that will determine their cybersecurity readiness.


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