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Business Process Management

Drive business value with enhanced visibility and improve work efficiency

  • While the adoption of digital transformation has become increasingly common, it can be a daunting journey for businesses to embark on, with no standard one-size fits all template to rely on. Discover digital gaps and curate befitting transformation strategies with NEC’s Business Process Management.

    We help you navigate through the wide variety of technology options and make the right choice for your business. From strategy to implementation, we support your digital changes and deliver business outcome through leading technologies and innovative solutions.

Run Everyday Operations More Efficiently

We revitalize processes backed by key intelligence to optimize current operations; providing your organization with the right leverage to seize opportunities and forge through the new digital future.

Business Consultancy
Process Management

Scale New Heights With Greater Assurance





  • Business Consultancy

    Connecting technology, people and processes, we deliver holistic, successful business solutions to transform challenges into opportunities backed by key metrics and insights. As frontiers of the digital revolution, our consultants are equipped with strong business knowledge and outstanding technical competency to provide the support you need in your digital transformation. Gain important insights about your IT health and remove barriers to your success with the right tools to innovate and accurate business.

    Advance into the digitalized world with end-to-end consultancy and best-in-class services. Make sound decisions and develop resilient process with improved clarity over your organization’s position. We help to shape your users’ experience end-to-end, including strategy to implementation. Adopt new technologies such as Cloud and Artificial Intelligence with support from our team of accredited professionals.

  • Process Management

    Detect underperforming areas and pinpoint bottleneck capacity with effective monitoring of existing process flow. We conduct regular “health checks” on your existing processes, so you can leverage on your strengths and improve on your weakness. Taking into account the complete end-to-end process, we measure for healthy rate of investment and ensure that your systems are operating at its optimal capacity. Drive productivity with automation of repetitive tasks and reduce process duplication with constant process monitoring and planning.

    Leveraging on our deep domain expertise and advanced technology, we help to streamline existing processes, supported by key indicators, to identify performances issues proactively before they affect your users. We deliver a strong foundation for you to build new capabilities, reinforced by key performance metrics.

  • Modernization-as-a-Service

    Digital disruption are imposing greater demands on IT system and organizations, with the increased adoption of emerging technologies such as Cloud, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Taking an end-to-end approach, we drive additional business value by consolidating, re-purposing and automating your legacy applications, building the right foundation to embrace evolving technologies.

    Focusing on the user experience, our approach unites people, process and technology to simplify your transformation to the Cloud. Let us help you build a new legacy supported by end-to-end suite of technology services. We help you refactor your existing architecture and rebuild new infrastructure to address the growing demand for cloud base application. Work in tandem with our team of consultants to develop a suitable roadmap for your organization to modernize your IT environment, with improved interoperability.

  • Audit-as-a-Service

    Protect the integrity of your company’s key assets, processes and data with a top-down assessment based on industrial standards. We help to evaluate your existing process and controls, providing expert assurance on the adequacy and effectiveness of your system.

    Incorporating human expertise with cutting edge technology, we bring to you a new audit experience backed by critical insights to help you achieve quality assurance, pilot by our team of experienced consultants. Perform a complete review of your processes, issues and time tracking systems to uncover weak links for ongoing improvement in your service delivery. Optimize processes based on actionable insights gathered from key measurements and statistics, to fuel your business growth.

Managed Digital Services
- The Next Gen Managed Services

Managed Digital Services is an all-encompassing integrated managed services platform to meet your IT needs. We help you connect the dots so you can achieve more with your existing resources. Be even more connected than before, supported by our team of accredited engineers anywhere, anytime, on any platform.

Support your digital future with a full spectrum of managed services available on a single platform.

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