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Cyber Security Management

Build the security fortress your data needs

  • Cyber security threats are prevalent in a connected world. With an ever evolving threat landscape from multiple attack vectors, organizations need constant vigilance on the security defense of their systems and networks.

    We can take that work off your hands, protecting mission critical operations with a strong security fortress. Strengthened your organization’s security posture and sieve out potential threats before it becomes damaging to your business.

Building A Secure Data Fortress

We develop holistic protection using industrial expertise and leading technologies to defend your organization against malicious cyberattacks and refine your security posture, liberating your business from constrains of conventional methods.

Advanced Security Operation Centre
Managed Security Incident Response
Vulnerability Management
Cyber Security Training

Extra Vigilance to Protect Day-To-Day Operations

Live Detection

Advanced Network



  • Advanced Security Operation Center

    Take a proactive stance against cyber attacks with NEC Security Operation Center. Mitigate risks and defend against threats before it happens with 24/7 monitoring, providing full visibility over network traffic. Leverage on our proven process and close security gaps with easy access to multi-level experts and high level expertise at a reasonable cost.

    We unite people, process and technology to create a resilient defense for your organization, enabled by real time detection. Improve your security posture with advance knowledge and skills necessary to combat cybersecurity threats, fortified with clarity over logs, devices, cloud, networks and assets. We protect your IT environment securely so that you can focus on what matters.

  • Managed Security Incident Response

    Curating a competent incident response requires both human expertise and data analysis to ensure rapid, synchronized and highly effective response when security incidents occur. Utilizing a combination of appliances, software systems and human-driven investigation, we allow for prompt detection, isolation and resolution of incidents, minimizing impact to your business.

    Further strengthen your cybersecurity defenses with proactive threat hunting to remove intrusion, data breaches and malware before any attack. We help to detect weak links in your security posture through advanced threat intelligence and information security expertise. Empower your internal IT team with meaningful insights tailored to your organization for strategic planning and control.

    Managed Detection Response | Managed Threat Intelligence

  • Vulnerability Management

    Ascertain the resiliency of your system perimeters protecting your data and system from evolving threats with a comprehensive evaluation of potential vulnerabilities, for prompt identification and mitigation of network and application level vulnerabilities before they could be exploited. We help you reinforce your security fortress and validate your security controls against real-world attacks during defined internals to minimize security breaches.

    Run Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) during deployment stage, uncover those flaws and fix them timely prior to commissioning your system. Continue to secure your system against security flaws with advanced vulnerability scanning even after production to identify plausible points of exploitation, verified with detailed technical reports.

    Vulnerability Assessment | Penetration Testing

  • Cyber Security Training

    With the numerous security threats looming at such significant rate, businesses are pressed to establish robust security measures. Coupled with rigorous compliance regulations, it become increasingly important to build a strong defence, starting right from your employees. Improve your team’s cybersecurity knowledge through comprehensive training programmes and equip them with the necessary skillset to combat the ever-growing cyber threats in today’s digital landscape. 

    We offer a full suite of courses to cater to your security needs, from basic cyber awareness to advanced security competency. Choose your desired specialization levels and gain practical experience in a realistic attack setting, with optional hands-on sessions.

    Awareness | Foundation | Expert | Hands-on

Managed Digital Services
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Managed Digital Services is an all-encompassing integrated managed services platform to meet your IT needs. We help you connect the dots so you can achieve more with your existing resources. Be even more connected than before, supported by our team of accredited engineers anywhere, anytime, on any platform.

Support your digital future with a full spectrum of managed services available on a single platform.

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