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  • The business landscape is in a constant flex, pressing business to adapt rapidly while charting unknown waters. As your IT infrastructure evolves, highly specialized skills and in-depth knowledge are required to manage it efficiently and effectively.

    We help you to focus on your core business by maximizing your infrastructure uptime, enabled with industry leading technologies

Achieving The Modernized Environment

We deliver the control you need over your infrastructure, bringing the best of human and machine so that you can focus on what matters and prepare for the next profound wave of industry convergence.

Managed Infrastructure
Managed Multi-Cloud
Managed Network
Managed Tools

Achieving IT Synergy In The Digital Future

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  • Managed Infrastructure

    Your IT infrastructure is the core to your operations and it needs to be continually managed and optimized to enable best possible performance. NEC Managed Infrastructure provides the expertise you need to run your IT environment safely and securely, with a focus on high quality service design. Make informed decisions with centralized control over heterogeneous operating system from a single console, secured through the use of privilege access management. We help you to make the most out of your infrastructure through technology innovations and automation.

    Refine existing capabilities and drives new proficiencies on the Cloud supported by a resilient environment managed by our team of networking and data center specialists. Achieve greater overall infrastructure availability and up-time with enhanced efficiency while cutting costs.

    Managed Platform| Managed Data Center

  • Managed Multi-Cloud

    Whether your infrastructure is on-premises, private cloud or in public cloud, NEC has the expertise to provide management services across the multi-cloud environment with a team of cloud-certified engineers for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure as well as VMware. Our Multi-Cloud Management modernizes your application delivery by utilizing best of breed orchestrating tools to automate services such as patching and codes deployment.

    Keep an eye on your multi-cloud environment and monitor key metrics through a single consolidated dashboard. We provide the means to meet the increasing demand for remote work, with effective management of application and workload across Cloud. Retain the flexibility of Cloud, less the complexity of managing it.

    Private Cloud | Public Cloud | Hybrid Cloud

  • Managed Network

    Operating through a pandemic is driving major changes, including the need for a dynamic network that can accommodate to your business’s changing needs. This includes the increasing reliance on remote connectivity as more employees are working remotely. We provide extensive monitoring on your network’s health and performance, reducing bandwidth bottlenecks so that your employees can perform at work with minimal disruptions.

    Propel your digital growth on the Cloud supported by a resilient network infrastructure, while sustaining a healthy security posture. We help to keep your network updated with timely deployment of required software and patches to your network appliance.

    LAN-as-a-Service | Software Defined Networking (SD-WAN)

  • Managed Tools

    Infrastructure management can be a daunting process without the right tools to support. Gain visibility over your infrastructure performance for rapid detection of performance bottleneck. Achieve better insights on the efficacy of the services offered with improved clarity on end-user data. Reinvent how your IT team operates with improved capabilities enabled by automation and AI.

    Configure and automate your server and network against threat remediation for improved agility, security, and efficiency. Actualize effective running and management of data with stringent monitoring of infrastructure’s health.

    Application Performance | Performance and Fault Monitoring | Automation and AI

Managed Digital Services
- The Next Gen Managed Services

Managed Digital Services is an all-encompassing integrated managed services platform to meet your IT needs. We help you connect the dots so you can achieve more with your existing resources. Be even more connected than before, supported by our team of accredited engineers anywhere, anytime, on any platform.

Support your digital future with a full spectrum of managed services available on a single platform.

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